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Over 15 years in payroll settlement cases. 




Audit representation expert. 




Tax Negotiations and settlements for over 30 years.



We don't just respond to a client's needs. We anticipate them. Because we work hard to understand each client's business, industry and unique situations, we can be more proactive about protecting their interests. Because we are committed to frequent communication and ready accessibility, we can obtain client input quickly and move forward in an expeditious manner. Because we embrace the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, we can be trusted to do the right thing for every client.

The Team Approach

In many  firms, your tax professional is assigned by default -it's simply a tax professional who had time to fit your case into his or her schedule. At Optimum Tax Law, your tax professional is determined on the basis of knowledge and expertise -so you get the very best person for the job. To help your tax professional make more efficient use of time, we assemble a support team of additional tax professionals, enrolled agents and accountants. Even if your tax professional is out of the office on another matter, there is always someone here who is familiar with your situation and can assist you.
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